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Updated: Apr 11, 2023

This year has proven to be very difficult for all of us. The Neighborhood Association and its volunteers have worked tirelessly to find events that are safe and fun for all participants. Unfortunately, so many events had to be put on hold until next year.

The Annual Bloom and Groom Sale is a tradition that is sponsored by Lowes and the City of Milwaukee and held in a number of Milwaukee area neighborhoods. The EPNA sale was scheduled to be held in its new location at the Sentry on Lisbon Store on May 15.

This week we received notice that, due to the supply chain interruptions related to COVID, Lowe’s cannot guaranty they can provide flowers and plants in the large quantities needed to successfully hold his event. The City of Milwaukee worked hard to try and find replacement/supplemental vendors. No vendors were found that could fulfill the needs the participating neighborhoods would have for their Bloom and Groom events.

We regret and are deeply saddened that we have to cancel the Enderis Park Bloom and Groom Event. We appreciate your patience as we work our way back to a strong future return of all of your favorite EPNA activities.

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