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Harvest Fest 2022: a smashing success!

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Here's a report from our ever-enthusiastic leader, EPNA President Patricia Yahle, on Harvest Fest 2022, held on Saturday October 1:

1. The weather was spectacular! Warm breezes all day and a beautiful sunrise and full sun all day made the incredible colors of the mums and pumpkins even more attractive. The weather alone was a perfect introduction to the fall in Enderis Park.

2. Minor’s promised vibrant mums in perfect shapes and many colors from which to choose. Minor’s was good on their promise. Every mum was perfect. Mums sold out by 11:00. (Proof that the early bird DOES get the worm!!!!!!)

3. Pumpkins in two sizes were amazing. Hard to choose the best one…they were all THE BEST ONE!!! The pumpkins were all off to their neighborhood porch-perches by 1:15pm.!

3. The Scarecrow building offered families a chance to build a scarecrow with a special and unique personality that was perfect to fit into their adoptive family. Moms, dads and kids had fun stuffing the scarecrows and creating the perfect face. Some even named their scarecrow!!

4. BB’s on North food truck offered a delicious choice between breakfast pizza and a brunch sandwich. Super-delicious pies and cookies were also available along with a variety of beverages to satisfy every customer. Perfect fall brunch fare!!

5. Our favorite storyteller and children’ s book reader was on hand to read and delight the kids with fall stories. A goodie bag was a gift to each eager listener.

6. The children’s arts and crafts stop was buzzing all day with happy and very creative EPNA kids. Snowy owls were created with pine cones and stuffing and everyone’s favorite… googly eyes!

Halloween themed rubber stamps were a super plus as well. Each child left with an early trick-or-treat bag filled with candy and Fall stickers.

7. Harvest Fest guests were treated all day to the wonderful music provided by our own John Krupka and a bandmate from Venture.

THE BEST PART WAS THE HUGE TURNOUT… AND MORE THAN 20 FABULOUS VOLUNTEERS (many shown above on the field house steps) who made this great event possible!!!! What an event!! A BIG THANK YOU to all who volunteered and all who came to enjoy the event!!! Happy AUTUMN!!!!

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