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Capital Improvements and Community Advocacy

  • Creation and dedication of a new Playground (Received the 2018 Mayor’s Design Award)

  • Additions to the Enderis Park Playground Phase 2 (Added west gate entrance to the Splash Pad, benches and mulching.)

  • Little Free Library Dedicated to the literacy effort by Alderman Michael Murphy

  • Additional Landscaping at the 68th street and Center Street Monuments

  • Maintenance of the green spaces at the 68th Street Monuments, Triangle Park, the 67th Street cul-de-sac, Burleigh Street and Squirrel Park

  • Maintenance of the Tennis Courts and Volleyball Courts in Enderis Park

  • Replacement of Soccer Goal Nets enjoyed by youth teams and families

  • Purchase of additional Portable Tables and Tents for events in the park

  • Upgrade of Enderis Park Electric Box for concerts and other events

  • Ongoing connection and  and Collaboration with the Milwaukee Public Schools Recreation Department,  Alderman Michael Murphy’s Office, MIlwaukee Police Department, Milwaukee Fire Department and other city officials to address and resolve neighborhood concerns

  • Participation in Neighborhood WatchProgram and Crime and Safety Meetings

  • Connection with BOZA- Milwaukee Zoning Board Monitoring and Action

  • Maintaining Positive Landlord and Business Relations within the Enderis Park Neighborhood

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