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Congrats to Holiday Decorating Contest winners!

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Neighbors, you've outdone yourselves! The Schwartz household at 2757 N. Carlton Place (upper left) was one of four top winners of the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association's annual Holiday Decorating Contest. Their front yard features an inflatable bus carrying Santa and his reindeer, along with a Christmas pickup truck also driven by Santa.

With their front door flanked by soldiers that seem to have skipped out of the Nutcracker to go on a shopping spree, the Caruso/Steffen household at 2750 N. Hartung Ave. (upper right) also took top honors.

The Pisarzewicz family, another top winner at 7225 W. Hadley St. (lower left), wish you a "Happy Christmoose"!

And wow, our other top winner -- the Shallow home at 3040 N. 74th St. (lower right) -- really went all out!

If you haven't yet taken a drive or a stroll through our beautifully decorated neighborhood, now's the time to take in the magic! As usual, many Enderis Park residents decked the halls, the porches, the yards and trees with a beautiful, creative and sometimes humorous array of holiday decorations this year.

In addition to our four top winners, honorable mentions go to the following addresses: On 68th Street, 2823 and 2708 On 69th Street, 2825 and 2746 On 71st Street, 2782, 2787, 2802 and 2820 On 72nd Street, 2877, 2819 and 2721 On Lefeber Avenue, 2815 and 2838 On 74th Street, 3002 and 3009 (Please note that top prize winners from the last two years are not eligible to take top honors, so they may appear on the honorable mention list.)

Thanks to all who have contributed to making Enderis Park sparkle this holiday season!

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