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Concerts on the Green is bringing the concert to YOUR green!

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

Concerts on the Green is bringing the concert to YOUR green!

On Thursday July 23rd, from 6-9pm, Funkclub Wagon will be traveling the Enderis Park Neighborhood and playing live music.

Funkclub Wagon is…a band on a wagon….pulled by a van. The band will traverse the roads of the Enderis Park Neighborhood and bring the live music to you.

Due to traffic restrictions the band will not travel all roads. The map below depicts the roads that may be accessed by the band but the actual path will be determined by the van’s driver. If you live on a street that will not be traveled you are encouraged to gather in some of the neighborhood green spaces such as Enderis Park, Squirrel Park or Triangle Park. Remember to do so safely and maintain a safe social distance.

This event would not be possible without the generosity of our sponsors:

· Bunzel’s Meat Market · Sentry on 71st and Lisbon · Murphy Financial Services · Premier Eyes · Lutheran Home and Harwood Place

Funkclub Wagon accepts your tips via their Venmo account (painted on the side of the wagon) or simply drop your tip inside the wagon as it passes.

So line the streets, grab your lawn chairs and your coolers, your grill and your fire pit and enjoy a night of Concerts on YOUR Green.

Learn more about Funkclub Wagon:

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