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EPNA - Summer 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 11, 2023


In the past our thoughts during this time of year were filled with the anticipation of the opportunity to be outside and to spend more time with friends and neighbors. We have looked forward to all of the neighborhood activities that Enderis Park Neighborhood residents and guests have typically enjoyed.

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic and with very heavy hearts, the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association Board is announcing the cancellation of the following EPNA 2020 activities:

·        Bloom and Groom Sale (City cancellation)

·        Rummage Sale

·        Fourth of July Parade and Celebration (City cancellation)

·        Farmers’ Market 2020 Season

·        Concerts on the Green 2020 Season

The Covid-19 pandemic has provided many challenges to all of us. We have all been working to follow the Safer at Home order which required that we all stay at home and avoid non-essential activities, as well as The Badger Bounce Back Guidelines, which provides guidance to gradually reopen Wisconsin businesses and activities. By following social distancing modifications and group size guidelines we have been able to do much, and continue to do much, to stay healthy and protect ourselves, our loved ones and our neighbors. In so many ways, we are all “essential neighbors” to each other.

In making the decision to cancel these events, the EPNA Board and event committees have carefully considered all available information. Out of an abundance of caution, decisions were made based on the ability to hold or modify each event to insure the safe and healthy social distancing for all guests, participants and volunteers. The decisions were made considering federal, state, city and Milwaukee Recreation Department guidelines and directives, and of course common sense.

We are so very grateful, as always, to our wonderful sponsors, volunteers, EPNA members and neighbors.

As we move closer to Fall of 2020, we will continue to monitor our ability to hold our popular Harvest Fest Celebration (late October), provide guidance regarding our nighttime Trick-or-Treat event and any other events.

In the meantime, we will all be working hard throughout the coming year to reinvent our favorite EPNA activities in 2021.  We look forward to being together again...EPNA STRONGER THAN EVER!!!!

VOLUNTEER OF THE YEAR  The greatest asset and strength of the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association is its many dedicated volunteers. Friends, neighbors and businesses who give so generously of their time and resources to plan and bring together the many wonderful events and improvement projects for all to enjoy. To all of those who give many many hours or even just a few hours, we thank you for helping make Enderis Park one of the greatest neighborhoods in which to live. The Enderis Park Neighborhood Association Board recognizes and appreciates all the efforts of all of our volunteers.  The EPNA Volunteer of the Year Award recognizes an outstanding individual, group or business whose unselfish and dedicated service to EPNA has made an outstanding contribution to the Association during the previous year. You are invited to nominate an individual or business that you believe makes an outstanding contribution. Please complete and submit the nomination form no later than June 25, 2020. Please notify the nominee of your submission. The nominee must accept the nomination prior to submission of the survey. The EPNA Volunteer of the Year will be introduced later in the year. Use this link to access the survey: 2019 EPNA Volunteer of the Year OR contact Lori Sommervold @ 414-445-8742 for a paper survey.


According to the EPNA Bylaws Article V1- Section 6:2, nominations for Board membership are made at the June Meeting of the Association (July 1, 2020 @ 6:30pm), or in writing received by the Association Secretary (Lori Sommervold: prior to the meeting. Election of Board members takes place at the July Annual Meeting (July 29, 2020 @ 6:30pm).

NOTE: Board meetings held at the MPS Fieldhouse are dependent on Safer at Home and MPS directives. 

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