EPNA Spring 2019 Newsletter

Updated: Mar 22, 2019


The Enderis Park Neighborhood is widely known as a wonderful place in which to live. This is, in large part, due to the friendships, active neighborhood association and strong sense of community and commitment that exists among the neighbors and businesses within our community. The mission of the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association (EPNA) is to “promote neighborhood stability and a rewarding quality of life for all by working with neighbors to support and maintain an attractive, diverse, respectful and safe community.”

All EPNA activities and neighborhood improvement projects are planned and organized solely by VOLUNTEERS. Volunteers are the heart and soul of the neighborhood and we want to express our MOST SINCERE THANKS for their enthusiastic and selfless commitment of time, resources and talents to these wonderful activities.

On February 21, 2019 EPNA sponsored a Volunteer Recognition Event at Kam’s Thistle and Shamrock. Volunteers were treated to a light dinner, beverages and an evening of friendship and grateful appreciation.

A HEARTFELT THANK YOU is extended to OUR AMAZING VOLUNTEERS who contributed to the success of our 2018 EPNA events.

Ahrens, Bob

Albrecht, Arlie and MaryJo

Arias, Ciara UWM

Andrew, Caroline

Autermann, Craig

Bade, Cynthia, Charles and Leanne

Barajas Raul MUHS

Baughn, Georgianna and Aubrey Krzynski

Berthold, Barb, Evan and Katie

Bieser, James and Donna

Bradley Karen

Brunow, Mike and Mary

Bykowski, Ben MUHS

Colombo, Joanne

Conklin, Chris and Wendy

Dallmann, Jill

Daun, Mike

Dempsey, Aidan MUHS

Effinger, Dave and Kelli

Eldredge, Chris

Faust, Ryan and Caroline Bell

Fink, Catherine

Galvan, Claudia UWM

Galvan, Monica UWM

Garske, Keith

Gehartmann , Max RUHS

Gleesing, Shawn

Gnacinski, Irene

Goetzinger, Clare

Gresk, Jacob

Grothe. Bob, and Kathy

Grothe, Dick

Grunst, Ben and Maggie

Harris, Curley and Sarah

Heebsh, Zak and Laurel