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EPNA Spring 2019 Newsletter


The Enderis Park Neighborhood is widely known as a wonderful place in which to live. This is, in large part, due to the friendships, active neighborhood association and strong sense of community and commitment that exists among the neighbors and businesses within our community. The mission of the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association (EPNA) is to “promote neighborhood stability and a rewarding quality of life for all by working with neighbors to support and maintain an attractive, diverse, respectful and safe community.”

All EPNA activities and neighborhood improvement projects are planned and organized solely by VOLUNTEERS. Volunteers are the heart and soul of the neighborhood and we want to express our MOST SINCERE THANKS for their enthusiastic and selfless commitment of time, resources and talents to these wonderful activities.

On February 21, 2019 EPNA sponsored a Volunteer Recognition Event at Kam’s Thistle and Shamrock. Volunteers were treated to a light dinner, beverages and an evening of friendship and grateful appreciation.

A HEARTFELT THANK YOU is extended to OUR AMAZING VOLUNTEERS who contributed to the success of our 2018 EPNA events.

Ahrens, Bob

Albrecht, Arlie and MaryJo

Arias, Ciara UWM

Andrew, Caroline

Autermann, Craig

Bade, Cynthia, Charles and Leanne

Barajas Raul MUHS

Baughn, Georgianna and Aubrey Krzynski

Berthold, Barb, Evan and Katie

Bieser, James and Donna

Bradley Karen

Brunow, Mike and Mary

Bykowski, Ben MUHS

Colombo, Joanne

Conklin, Chris and Wendy

Dallmann, Jill

Daun, Mike

Dempsey, Aidan MUHS

Effinger, Dave and Kelli

Eldredge, Chris

Faust, Ryan and Caroline Bell

Fink, Catherine

Galvan, Claudia UWM

Galvan, Monica UWM

Garske, Keith

Gehartmann , Max RUHS

Gleesing, Shawn

Gnacinski, Irene

Goetzinger, Clare

Gresk, Jacob

Grothe. Bob, and Kathy

Grothe, Dick

Grunst, Ben and Maggie

Harris, Curley and Sarah

Heebsh, Zak and Laurel

Heffernan, Beth, Shamus, William and Anna

Hoang, Karen

Hoose, David and Paula

Hounsell, Dan and Jane

Hunter, Patrick. MUHS

Jantz, Celeste and Michael

Jeschke, Karen

Joos, Costello

Johnson, Dawn

Johnson, Riley. MUHS

July, John and Linda

Kaefer, Kyle

Kent, Cheri

King, Barb, and Juan Carlos Woodlands

Kowtowa, Irene

Kristof, Jaime

Krouse, Jennifer

Krupka, John

Krzynski, Aubrey

Krzywda, Jeff

Lamers, Steve

Laing, Jess

LaReau, MIchelle and children

Lautz Jennifer

Loyd, Jasmine

Makowski, Jim, Ellen and Colin

Matenaer, Jane

MacBride, Laura

McGroarty, Scott

Mesa, Janie

Meyer, Angela

Miller, Haley

Miller, Tom

Mooney, Mary

Mroz, Jenny

Muecki, Franklin

Murray, Joe MUHS

Murray, Sarah

Nackers, Sara

Nellen, Patrick

Nelson, Nola

Nelson, Pat and Kim

Nemec, Allyson, Jacob and Wills

Norris, Daniel

Nuss, Nicole

Odegaard, Joe, Susan and Phoebe

Ough, Stewart

Panosh, Heidi and Tom

Parrish, Tracey

Pen, Sara

Petrowicz, Andrea

Pisarzewicz, Paul

Prodoehl, Pete and Dana

Prueher, Steve, Tina, Adam and Lydia

Pukansky, Debra

Quincy, Will. MUHS

Rivera, Emily

Rubin, Sandra

Rogowki, Josh and Maria

Russom, Tom and Mary Ann

Kristen Saak

Sanchez, Kevin MUHS

Schlifske, MUHS

Schlosser, Patrick

Schmidt, Kate

Schmitt, Mary

Schramm, MacLain and Stephanie

Schwarz, Rob

Seftar, Jim, Pat and Laura

Sheehy, John MUHS

Simatic, Ryan

Sommervold, Lori and Jodi

Springer, Judy

Stanosz, Greg

Strikeout, Zach MUHS

Stolzman, Natalie

Storney, Marilyn

Szymkowski, Sandy and Evan

Thorne, JD and Cindy

Tourtillott, Chris and Nathan

Waller, Emily

Warren, Abby

Weber, John

Weber, Julie

Weelock, Jim and Jackie

Wellhoeffer, Kim and Joel

Wills, Ada, and Jennifer

Yahle, Patricia

Zagnodrik, Tanner MUHS

Zwiefelhofer, Rebecca

Zunac, Mark

* Sincere apologies if you have volunteered and your name is not listed here.

Bloom & Groom Plant Sale

May 18, 2019 8:30 am to 11:00 am

Enderis Park Playfield Fieldhouse

EPNA and the City of Milwaukee's Neighborhood Improvement District (NIDC) will again be bringing this popular plant sale to the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association members and friends on Saturday, May 18, 2019. The sale will feature annuals, perennials, vegetables and hanging baskets.

The goal of Bloom & Groom is to Promote Neighborhood Beautification by encouraging neighbors to purchase these high-quality plants and vegetables at a very reasonable price. By planting these attractive plants in their yards and flower boxes, they will create beautiful streetscapes and enhance the beauty of each participating residence.

**ACTIVE Enderis Park Neighborhood Association Members will receive a 10% Discount. No sales prior to 8:30 am, please.


2019 EPNA Spring Clean Up

Saturday, April 20, 2018 | 9:00 AM to NOON

Enderis Park neighbors and their families are invited to come together on Saturday, April 21 beginning at 9:00AM to work on cleaning up the Enderis Park neighborhood and our borders - Burleigh, Lisbon, Center,76th and 60th. Help enhance the appearance of our neighborhood after a cold and snowy winter. Volunteers will receive coupons for FREE admission to various Milwaukee County attractions, including the Zoo. To participate, show up at 9:00 AM (later is okay, too) at 2802 N Sholes Ave to receive your bag(s), and gloves and FREE Milwaukee County admission coupons. You will be assigned an area to clean up, or you may also pick your own. Work with a group -- it's much more fun!

Questions? Contact Lori Sommervold at or (414) 445-8742.

MPS Recreational Survey

Milwaukee Recreation has been working closely with the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association to increase the recreational offerings at the Enderis Park Fieldhouse. As a result of these efforts, a survey has been created with the purpose of identifying the recreational wants and needs of the Enderis community. Scan the QR code with your smartphone’s camera to assist with taking the survey on your phone (or just type the URL into your internet browser). The estimated completion time for the survey is two minutes, and your participation in this survey will serve to greatly improve the recreational offerings in the Enderis community indefinitely! Please

Note: The survey will only be open to responses for one month until April 5th. Let your voice be heard!




2018 was a very successful financial year, with total spending exceeding total receipts by only ($495)^ compared to a budgeting deficit of ($8,273), or +$7,778 better than budget. The 2018 budget deficit was required in order to pay for Phase II of the Playground Enhancement Project completed in 2017. Largely offsetting this budgeted deficit, the better than expected 2018 financial performance was due to net Farmer’s Market revenues of $2,250, the Summer Concerts net revenues of $4,890 (one concert rained out) and $1,089 in contributions to a “Metz -White Magic Grove Fund” (See NOTES).

Membership revenues totaled $5,745, well above the $5,200 budgeted. Events produced net disbursements over receipts of ($1,018) – on budget. The on-going cost of operations consumes a large share of general funds, totaling ($3,097 less offsets), primarily insurance costs. Neighborhood Maintenance is by far the largest cost with net disbursements totaling ($9,423), including ($6,000) for payment for the abovementioned Playground project completed in 2017. Printing and net EPNA shirt purchases totaled ($1,142). As of 12-31-18, the balance in the Business Checking and Money Market accounts totals $19,130.98.

Notes: $1,000 in revenues received relate to a Summer Concert Sponsorship for the 2019 Summer Concerts. Thus the “earned” 2018 deficit totals ($1,494.97). In addition, $1,089 in 2018 donations were received by EPNA and placed in a “Metz-White Magic Grove Trust Fund” to maintain and repair the Enderis Park magic Grove sculpture as needed. While included in EPNA’s Fund balance, EPNA does not control the expenditures from this Trust Fund, acting only as a Trustee for these funds.

Farmers Market Volunteer Opportunities

The EPNA Farmers Market Committee is gearing up for a great 2019 market year, bringing fresh, seasonal produce and other goodies right to your neighborhood park! Once again, our lovely market will run every Sunday through September 15th, with a special kick off market on Sunday, June 16th—Father’s Day. If you are a vendor or know someone who is, you can contact us at:

Interested in joining our committee? Contact us at that same email address and bring your special talents to roles like marketing, social media, sponsorship, vendor relationships, or creative director. We are also looking for volunteers who are willing to give just 2 hours of their time on any Sunday of your choosing! Contact us at the above email address. It’s going to be a great season!!


Meet your EPNA Executive Board

President: Patricia Yahle

Years on Board: 4

Role on board/committees served: President, former Vice-President, committees: Neighborhood Improvements, Farmer’s’ Market, Harvest Fest, Volunteer Recognition Years lived in neighborhood: 36 Family: Single Profession: Speech Pathologist, Special Education Administrator (retired) Why serve on the board? I am so grateful to live in such an amazing neighborhood and believe that active participation in our EPNA and its activities is one of the keys to a strong and vibrant community for all of us. Contact info: , (414) 258-9676

Vice President: Tom Miller

Years on Board: 12

Role on board/committees served: Chair of the Neighborhood Improvements Committee. This committee plans, finds funding for, and arranges construction of various neighborhood projects. Examples include recent improvements to the park’s children’s playground area, the decorative painting of the 68th and Lisbon utility box, and landscape upgrades to Squirrel Park.

Years lived in neighborhood: 30

Family: My wife and I live on N. 68th Street. We raised our son in this neighborhood and are all too rapidly growing old here.

Profession: Retired from the City’s Departments of Public Works and City Development. Over the years I have been a board member of several civic organizations including the Betty Brin Children’s Museum and the Milwaukee Riverwalk District.

Why serve on the Board? One of the things that keeps me feeling at least somewhat useful is serving on the EPNA board. My fellow board members are wonderful, energetic volunteers who put in a tremendous amount of work to help make our neighborhood a great place to live.

Contact info:

Treasurer: Michael Daun

Years on Board: 5

Role on board/committees served: Treasurer, Financial reports, Budget, Liability Insurance; also coordinate and work on landscape maintenance in Triangle Park

Years lived in neighborhood: 43 years in neighborhood

Family: wife Shirley

Profession: Former Deputy Comptroller with City of Milwaukee, currently teach part time at UWM and UW Madison

Why serve on the Board? Enjoy the opportunities for friendship and community building that EPNA involvement offers

Contact info:

Secretary: Lori Sommervold

Years on Board: 8; previously 10 years as co-chair of Enderis East Neighborhood Association

Role on board/committees served: Secretary for 3 years, Chair of Communication Committee including Welcome Packet Distribution, Newsletter, Nextdoor and Website coordination.

Years lived in neighborhood: 29

Family: single, live with sister

Profession: Inpatient Coding Coordinator at Froedtert Hospital; previous Director of Health Information Management at St Mary’s Ozaukee.

Why serve on the Board? I love this neighborhood and all it has to offer and am committed to keeping it a vibrant and healthy community for all to enjoy.

Contact Info:, 414-445-8742


Easter Egg Hunt


(rain, snow, sleet, or shine)

Registration begins at 9:30

Event starts 10:00 am

Inviting all neighborhood children ages 12 and under with adult supervision to reconnect with neighbors after a snowy cold winter!

KIDS – bring your basket to gather eggs

ADULTS – bring a camera to capture memories

EVERYBODY – bring your loose change for the Penny Jar


Egg Hunt - Pictures with the Easter Bunny - Penny Jar Drive – Tattoos- Easter Bunny Bubbles – Jelly Bean Guess – Chalk for Sidewalk Art - Coloring & Drawing in the Fieldhouse – Beverages


Advanced: $5.00 per child (non-EPNA member)

$4.00 per child (EPNA member) *

*Questions about your membership status? Contact Lori Sommervold at or (414) 445-8742

Day of: $5.00 per child (members & nonmembers)

Return form below with payment (checks made out to EPNA) by WEDNESDAY, April 10th to:

Kathy Grothe, 2933 N. 70th St. (mail slot closest to door). Questions: (414) 774-1898



Enderis Park Neighborhood Association

PO Box 100284 | Milwaukee, WI 53210 |

Mission Statement

EPNA promotes neighborhood stability and a rewarding quality of life for all by working with neighbors to support and maintain an attractive, diverse, respectful and safe community.

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