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EPNA Winter 2020 Newsletter

Updated: Apr 11, 2023


Almost 20 years ago, Kathy along with several other neighborhood stalwarts formed what became the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association. Over the last two decades she was actively involved in every event EPNA sponsored. Whether it was the annual Easter Egg Hunt, summer Concerts on the Green, 4th of July celebrations, or the Sunday Farmers’ Market, she was there. She maintained a close connection with city government, sharing concerns and addressing important issues on behalf of the neighborhood. Without her tireless efforts over the years the Enderis Park neighborhood would not be the dynamic community it is today. Sadly, on October 29th Kathy Grothe passed away at the age of 80. She will be sorely missed by all who knew her. We wish to extend our sincere condolences to her husband, Bob, and to all her other family members and friends. We also wish to assure everyone that the EPNA board will continue pursuing all the good works Kathy cared about so much. In honor of Kathy, we are renaming the volunteer award of the year as “The Kathy Grothe Volunteer of the Year Award.” Memorial contributions can be sent to Bob Grothe at 2933 N 70th St. Milwaukee, WI 53210. Sincerely, The EPNA Board of Directors


Saturday, January 9, 2021 9:00am to 11:45am Enderis Park North Parking Lot Bring your tree to the EPNA Mulchfest and help keep our community green. Your tree will be turned into mulch, which the City uses for its many beautiful boulevards and parks throughout Milwaukee. Given the current health and safety guidelines, we have modified our Mulchfest. We ask that you bring your trees to the north Enderis Park parking lot entrance. Volunteers will assist in taking your trees and greenery from your car to the chipper truck. Children will enjoy watching the city’s chipper truck. In the event of a city-wide snow plowing effort on that day, the trees will not be immediately chipped but will be placed on the curb along the driveway to be chipped by the city at a later date.


Saturday, January 9 isn't convenient for you? Bring your tree any time between New Year’s Day and January 8 and place it on the northeast side of the parking lot driveway so as not to block the park entrance and snow plowing efforts. Don’t stop at bringing only your tree. If you find trees on the curb, just drag them along.

PLEASE NOTE! Due to the pandemic, MPS does not allow access to any Fieldhouse buildings, so dress warm! No hot food or drink will be served. Each car with a tree delivery will receive a small goody bag as a thank you.

A SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO THE CITY OF MILWAUKEE FORESTRY DEPARTMENT FOR THEIR HARD WORK AND ESPECIALLY FOR THEIR SUPPORT FOR THIS VALUABLE COMMUNITY PROJECT. Notification will be sent ASAP to give you more information about the event if there are any additional changes due to weather conditions. SEE YOU AT MULCHFEST! (Interested in volunteering for this event? Please send your name and phone contact to Pat Yahle at


The Enderis Park Neighborhood Association is teaming up with the Hunger Task Force to bring you “Enderis Gives Thanks - A Virtual Holiday Food Drive”. Please visit our virtual food drive to make this a wonderful holiday for those in need. Simply log on to and make your selections. Items range from milk to eggs, from a turkey to a complete Holiday dinner and much more. Give, then challenge your neighbors to match (or exceed!) your donation. A Virtual Food Drive allows the community to help Hunger Task Force fight hunger while staying socially distant and safe. It allows Hunger Task Force to purchase the healthy, in-demand items that are in most need. Their purchasing programs also allow them to stretch donations further than you would be able to if you were purchasing items at a grocery store. Every day, during this challenging time, hearts ache knowing there is such need in our community. The Enderis Park Neighborhood has a powerful opportunity to join hands with those in need. Let’s make this a huge success and something of which our neighborhood can be proud. Prior to Thanksgiving, we have generously donated over $2,700 to the food drive. The drive ends December 6, 2020.


Our traditional action-packed night time Trick-or-Treat had to be cancelled due to COVID-19, but that did not stop the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association Board from planning alternative safe activities for families to enjoy! More than 20 individuals and families took part in our first neighborhood decoration scavenger hunt. Families could walk around Enderis for any of the 5 nights before the Friday event, filling out their forms. A fun time was had by all and finished scavenger hunt forms were traded in for small gift bags for each of the children participating. There we 20 entries to the Pumpkin Decorating/Carving Contest –14 children and six family entries. Pumpkins were lit and put on display and three judges chose the scariest, silliest, and the most creative pumpkin in each category. Many people walked through the park to view the display and winners. Congratulations to all who joined us and to all of the participants and the winners! HALLOWEEN DECORATING CONTEST WINNERS Congratulations to the following winners for their great displays. It was difficult to decide with so many scary and decorative houses! SCARIEST 3040 74th – Shallow MOST DECORATIVE 7014 Locust – Stolzman OTHER WINNERS 2757 Carlton – Rob Schwartz 2786 68th – Jarred Ruhlman 2786 75th HONORABLE MENTION 2721 Carlton 2776 Hartung 2782 Hartung 7225 Hadley 2879 73rd 2875 73rd 2903 73rd 3002 74th HOLIDAY DECORATING CONTEST Thanks to all who decorated their homes for Halloween. The neighborhood looked great! Now we are looking forward to judging the most festive homes for the winter holidays. Judges will be out on the eve of Wednesday, December 23 @ 7:00pm, so leave the lights on and let it glow, glow, glow! Winners will receive a lawn sign as well as recognition in the EPNA newsletter, on EPNA's Facebook page and Nextdoor.

SAFETY TIPS FOR THE HOLIDAYS Leave lights on A well-lit home deters crime. Turn on front porch lights and garage lights. Set timers When away, leave indoor lights, a radio or TV on (or set a timer) so the house looks and sounds occupied. Don't advertise Don't display holiday gifts, electronics or flat screen TVs. Close drapes/curtains. Be aware of surroundings Crime tends to increase around the holidays, as people carry more cash/additional credit cards. If you think you are being followed, don't enter your garage -- keep driving. Also consider backing into the garage for a better view of your surroundings. Running vehicles If you warm up your vehicle, be sure to lock it.

WINTER REMINDERS Night parking Park on the even address sides on even dates and the odd numbered address sides on the odd dates so plows can remove snow. Night parking starts at 11:00pm. Alleys Snow must be removed from around trash containers for access by sanitation workers. When shoveling in the alley, DO NOT push the snow into the alley and do not assume the plow will come through -- this just makes it harder for everyone else to get through. Christmas trees Take your tree to Mulchfest or dispose by placing where your garbage is picked up, in the alley or on the curb, just like your garbage cans. Shovel sidewalk Please shovel your sidewalk. It’s the law! Remember, residential and commercial property owners and occupants are required to clear sidewalks abutting their property of snow or ice within 24 hours of a storm. If violations are reported, a 24-hour notice is issued. If the sidewalks still are not cleared, a sanitation crew will clear a path and put the charge on the property tax bill. Make our city safer by shoveling out the fire hydrants near your home. “Adopting” a fire hydrant will ensure maximum visibility for firefighters in the event of an emergency. If you have older or disabled neighbors, please help them if you can. To report an unshoveled sidewalk, call 414-286-2489.


TO OUR ENDERIS PARK NEIGHBORS AND BEYOND During the past few years, the EPNA Farmers’ Market has grown bigger and better with the addition of live musical entertainment, yoga, a cooking demonstration, a zoo play, and partnerships with local agencies. We are extremely proud of the market. A special

ACKNOWLEDGMENT and THANK YOU to all of the volunteers, patrons and vendors. This event is just one of the high-quality community experiences that make Enderis Park Neighborhood one of the best neighborhoods in our city.

Unfortunately, the pandemic resulted in the market being cancelled for 2020. We look forward to a new season in 2021.

As it is with all of our WONDERFUL EPNA events, the Farmers’ Market relies completely on volunteers to plan, organize and operate the market. Volunteers are needed for the market to open in 2021. Volunteers are critical to our ability to offer the Farmers’ Market during future summers.

In order to steward the Market into its 5th year in 2021, we need the addition of new volunteers to help. We are calling on our neighbors and friends to volunteer your time and talents and enthusiasm to the market committee in any way you can. Whether it is posting social media, working with our vendors, recruiting new vendors, booking entertainment, recruiting and managing volunteers, being on hand at the information booth when the Market is open or just setting up and tearing down a few Sundays next summer--whatever your talent and enthusiasm, whatever your available time....the Market can use your talents. There are so many benefits to being a Market Volunteer! Do you have an interest in meeting new people, building connections in the neighborhood and investing in your neighborhood? Are you looking for ways to give back to your community? Do you enjoy being part of a successful team? Do you know a high school or college student interested in gaining valuable experiences in nutrition, public health, leadership or community organizing? Do you just want to ensure that there is an enjoyable market experience year after year?


The market committee meets several times throughout January through May to plan and execute. Please contact if you want to learn more about volunteering.

ENDERIS PARK NEIGHBORHOOD ASSOCIATION 2021 EVENTS Mark your calendars for your favorite EPNA events

SCHEDULED EVENTS Mulchfest – Saturday January 9, 2021 @ 9:00am to 11:45am Volunteer Recognition Event – Mid-February (TBA; virtual) Easter Egg Hunt – Saturday March 27, 2021 @ 10:00am Spring Clean Up – Saturday April 17, 2021 @ 9:00am Bloom & Groom Plant Sale – Saturday May 15, 2021 @ 9:00am (NEW LOCATION-SENTRY ON LISBON) Rummage Sale – Saturday June 5, 2021 @ 8:00am to 3:00pm Halloween Decorating Contest – Friday October 29, 2021 (judging) Nighttime Halloween Trick or Treat– Friday October 29, 2021 (OR Alternative Activities)

TENTATIVE EVENTS EPNA Farmer’s Market – Sundays June 20, 2021 through September 19, 2021 Concerts on the Green – Thursdays June 17, July 8, July 22, and August 12, 2021 4th of July Celebration – Sunday July4, 2021 Harvest Fest – Sunday, October 24, 2021


This past year has been a real challenge for the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association as a result of the pandemic and its many restrictions. Our first and most important goal was to plan activities and events that kept all of our neighbors safe and healthy. Sadly, most of our activities were postponed or cancelled. The EPNA Board has put together a tentative schedule of 2021 dates for our many popular activities. Some will look very different. There will likely continue to be restrictions on the use of the Enderis Park Field House and park facilities, as well as limitations to size of crowd gatherings.

This is where your great thoughts come in.

We are asking for your thoughts creative ideas that can help us plan or revise our traditional activities. We would also like ideas you may have for new activities. Ensuring the health and safety of course will guide us, as all activities must follow the recommended city, state and national protocols. Our goal is to bring our neighborhood together sharing the pride in our special community and the wonderful friendships we enjoy.

Please send us any of your thoughts and creative ideas for new or revised activities to Patricia Yahle at

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