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2021 Winter EPNA Newsletter

Updated: Apr 11, 2023

MULCHFEST Saturday, January 8, 2022 9:00AM –11:45AM Bring your tree to the EPNA Mulchfest and help keep our community green. Your tree will be turned into mulch, which the City uses for its many beautiful boulevards and parks throughout Milwaukee. Saturday, January 8 isn't convenient for you? Bring your tree any time between New Year’s Day and January 7 and place it on the northeast side of the parking lot driveway so as not to block the park entrance and snow plowing efforts. Don’t stop at bringing only your tree. If you find trees on the curb, just drag them along. Each car with a tree delivery will receive a small goody bag as a thank you. A SPECIAL ACKNOWLEDGEMENT TO THE CITY OF MILWAUKEE FORESTRY DEPARTMENT FOR THEIR HARD WORK AND ESPECIALLY FOR THEIR SUPPORT FOR THIS VALUABLE COMMUNITY PROJECT. (Notification will be sent ASAP to give you more information about the event if there are any additional changes due to weather conditions.)

HOLIDAY DECORATING CONTEST JUDGING You are invited to participate in the annual EPNA Christmas Holiday Decorating Contest. You’ll receive a WINNER sign and mention on Facebook, Nextdoor and in the EPNA Newsletter to the 4 most excellent displays of creativity, effort, and love of the season. The judges will be out judging during the evening of Wednesday, December 22, so get out there and decorate to become a 2021 winner. (NOTE: last 2 years’ winners are ineligible)


Night parking: Night parking starts at 11:00PM. Park on the even address sides on even dates and the odd numbered address sides on the odd dates so plows can remove snow.

Alleys: Snow must be removed from around trash containers for access by sanitation workers. When shoveling in the alley, DO NOT push the snow into the alley and do not assume the plow will come through. This just makes it harder for everyone else to get through.

Christmas trees: Take your tree to Mulchfest or dispose by placing where your garbage is picked up (alley or curb - just like your garbage cans).

Please, shovel your sidewalk – it’s the law!: Remember, residential and commercial property owners and occupants are required to clear sidewalks abutting their property of snow or ice within 24 hours of a storm. If violations are reported, a 24-hour notice is issued. If the sidewalks still are not cleared, a sanitation crew will clear a path and put the charge on the property tax bill.

Make our city safer by shoveling out the fire hydrants near your home. “Adopting” a fire hydrant will ensure maximum visibility for firefighters in the event of an emergency. If you have older or disabled neighbors, please help them if you can.

To report an un-shoveled sidewalk, call 414-286-2489.

SAFETY TIPS FOR THE HOLIDAYS Leave lights on: A well-lit home deters crime. Turn on front porch lights and garage lights. Set timers: When away, leave indoor lights, a radio or TV on (or set a timer) so the house looks and sounds occupied. Don't advertise: Don't display holiday gifts, electronics or flat screen TVs. Close drapes and curtains. Be aware of surroundings: Crime tends to increase around the holidays as people carry more cash/additional credit cards. If you think you are being followed, don't enter your garage -- keep driving. Also consider backing into the garage for a better view of your surroundings. Running vehicles: If you warm up your vehicle, be sure to lock it.

MEET YOUR NEW BOARD MEMBERS Anne Curley Years on Board: New Member Role on board/committees served: Board member at large; oversaw 2021 membership survey Years lived in neighborhood: 1 Family: Single Profession: Started as a newspaper reporter and editor; ended as a branding consultant. Now retired. Why serve on the board?: This is the best neighborhood I've ever lived in. I like everything about it, especially my neighbors. I admire the work of the association and want to do my part to advance it. Contact Info:, 262-785-9300 Linda Tanner Years on Board: New Member Role on board/committees served: Mulchfest Years lived in neighborhood: 3 Family: Single. I live with my dog, Kekse Profession: Certified Personal Trainer, Owner of TannerFit Studio. Health Insurance consultant. Why serve on the board?: I still remember the warm welcome I received when I moved to Enderis Park, and how much fun I had at the many activities. I want to give back by serving on the EPNA board and helping to continue the long tradition of making Enderis Park a wonderful place to live. Contact Info:

HALLOWEEN DECORATING CONTEST WINNERS Congratulations to the following winners for their great displays! It was difficult to decide, with so many scary and decorative houses!

Scariest: 2951 75th: Brad Wuest/Courtney Warner Most Decorative: 2750 N 71st: Kim Schiek Other Winners: 2819 Hartung: Tony Braun/Sue Lappen 7225 Hadley: Paul Piszarzawicz 2903 73rd: Ali Hendrichs 2917 72nd: Andy and Alex Drobac Honorable Mention: 2978 70th 7014 Locust 7505 Locust 2875 73rd 2808 71st 3040 74th


The Triangle” (N.67th, Hartung & Emery) was initially established by the City of Milwaukee when the properties surrounding the triangle were subdivided around 1928-1930, creating the Gale Crest subdivision and the triangle area. Various large evergreen shrubs and some perennials were apparently planted by the City after the triangle was established. Over the succeeding decades, the area received little attention and these plantings became severely overgrown and neglected.

About 13 years ago, neighbors approached the City about rejuvenating the Triangle. The City responded that their budget resources were limited but encouraged interested neighbors to develop an improvement plan. These neighbors enlisted a local landscape architect* residing in the neighborhood who volunteered to help (gratis). After surveying neighbor preferences, a design plan and budget were completed. This Triangle Renovation Plan included the construction of four raised beds featuring permanent lannon stone outcroppings and landscaped plantings within the beds, new trees and other features. Neighbors worked closely with the City Department of Public Works and Alderman Murphy to garner support for the Renovation Plan which was to be implemented in phases depending on funding. With the help of neighbor contributions, the first phase (northwest shrub bed) was completed in 2010. Then, with grants from the City of Milwaukee ($6,000), PNC Bank ($10,000) and additional neighborhood contributions (total $4,000+), the remainder of the Triangle Renovation Project was completed in 2011. Halquist Stone and David J. Frank & Co. also provided discounts for its lannon stone and installation services. The City provided free plantings and trees. Neighbors also paid for subsequent trees and other plantings. The City also removed four large, overgrown shrub beds, paid for and installed a drip irrigation system, and replaced sidewalk slabs. Working with the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association, the Triangle neighbors raised the required funds and managed the Triangle Renovation Project to its successful completion.

The year 2021 marks the 10th year our neighbors gather to keep the Triangle Park shrub beds looking great. We begin every year with a Spring clean-up in May. We rake away leaves, weed, cut back the “old growth”, and edge along the grass-shrub bed borders. In June we spread mulch provided by the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association and then do a final clean-up in late fall.

Over these ten years, our neighborhood has fulfilled its commitment to each of our Project sponsors to maintain the beds and perform general park clean-up. We hope to continue to do so. A sincere thank you to those who have helped with this annual neighborhood effort and to all who enjoy and use this great neighborhood asset responsibly. *Brian J. Boeding RLA, ASLA, LEED AP, Principal, Paragon Design Group, LLC. 5-21-21



Mulchfest: Saturday, January 8th

Volunteer Recognition Celebration: February (date TBD)

Spring Clean Up: Saturday, March 26th (earlier this year)               

Easter Egg Hunt: Saturday, April 9th

Bloom & Groom Plant Sale: Saturday, May 14th

Neighborhood Rummage Sale: Saturday, June 4th

EPNA Farmer’s Market: Event and Dates TBD            

Concerts on the Green: June 23rd, July 14th, July 28th, and August 18th

4th of July Celebration: Monday, July 4th

Harvest Fest: Saturday, October 8th

Nighttime Halloween Trick or Treat and Decorating Contest: Friday, October 28th

Enderis Park Gives Thanks (on-line food drive): November/December

Christmas Holiday Decorating Contest: Judging between December 20th – 22nd

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