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Welcome to the Enderis Park Bocce Ball court!

This game court was made possible by the Friends of Enderis Park (FOEP) group. We are grateful to the Enderis Park Neighborhood Association (EPNA) for providing this web page to FOEP, which is not affiliated with EPNA.​

Bocce Ball Rules

Note: Players must bring their own equipment.

  1. The objective is for one team to throw their bocce balls closer to the pallino -- the small ball also known as the jack -- than the other team, scoring the most points at the end of each round. Each team can consist of 1 player (4 balls each), 2 players (2 balls each), or 4 Players (1 ball each). A coin flip determines which team throws the pallino first. The pallino should be thrown underhanded, at least half way down and inside the court. If a player fails to toss the pallino properly, a member of the opposing team tosses it into the playing area.

  2. Our playing area is non-regulation and is therefore subject to “Free Play Rules.” The player tossing the pallino goes first. He or she attempts to get their ball as close to the pallino as possible. Next, a player from the other team throws a bocce ball. The team farther away from the pallino after each round throws first until all eight balls have been thrown, ending the round.

  3. Points are awarded based on the number of bocce balls closer to the Pallino than the nearest ball of the opposing team. Each ball closer than the opponent’s ball nearest to the pallino scores one point.

  4. The game continues until one team reaches the pre determined number of points required to win -- typically 12, 16, or 21 points.

  5. For more detailed rules, go to 

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